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Santa Fe Organic Lawn Care and Insect Control

Compare & Save On Lawn Care in Santa Fe, TX

If you care about both the beauty of your yard and the cost of lawn care in Santa Fe, then Arbor-Tech Consulting can help. With a full range of Santa Fe lawn care services that include mowing, pruning & edging shrubs, irrigation maintenance and more, Arbor-Tech Consulting experts do it all. Not all companies offering lawn service in Santa Fe deliver consistently and you need a reliable company who won't cut corners and leave your backyard or front yard looking less than their best. Start by checking out our Ballpark estimator to understand Santa Fe lawn care prices for your general needs, then provide a few details about your property before scheduling your first service. Get started now for a beautiful yard!

How do our organic programs work efficiently in Santa Fe, TX for lawn care and insect control?

Organic lawn programs can include customized programs that focus on targeting unwanted pests or weeds and leave beneficial species unharmed. Harsh chemicals can allow insects and undesirable plants to build up resistance. However, our Santa Fe organic lawn programs will work year after year. When used properly, organic solutions can provide the same level of insect control and fertilization as traditional products.

Using organic programs on your Santa Fe lawn and garden also means that your pets and children can play freely without worrying about possible side-effects from traditional programs. Many Santa Fe gardeners prefer organic programs to both fertilize their vegetables and for insect control. Our trained arborists at Arbor-Tech Consulting have been working with natural solutions for decades, using a wide range of natural insect control products, organic fertilizers and safe, effective animal deterrents.

Natural solutions can control insects and keep your Santa Fe landscape looking good. These Santa Fe Organic lawn programs can provide you with years of protection without upsetting the delicate balance of the environment.

Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, Eric Putnam, will come to your residence, business, or land and give you an Estimate for the prevention of construction damage or diseases.

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Organic Lawn Care in Santa Fe for any Size Property

Whether you are a homeowner who needs a landscaper in Santa Fe to keep up the look of your house or a property manager with multiple acres that need the touch of an expert, Arbor-Tech Consulting can help. Bringing together your lawn, trees, shrubs, drainage systems, garden and more, Arbor-Tech Consulting pros can spruce up any size and type of property. Get started today for professional, reliable Santa Fe organic landscaping service at prices you can afford.

Santa Fe, TX Organic Lawn Care

The purpose of this Santa Fe organic lawn treatment plan is to improve the overall look of the lawn from your grass to your trees without any negative impacts on the environment through the use of organic material and the occasional environmentally friendly material. This organic treatment plan is safe for the Santa Fe environment but it is also safe for people, pets and plants.

Basic Treatment Plan (for landscapes up to 8500 sqft)


  • $365 for the initial start-up fee (includes detailed diagnosis, images and detailed treatment plan)
  • $100 every 6 weeks for treatments

Materials that will be used for treatments:

  1. Humates, a form of coal, as a fungal food
  2. Yuccah as a surfactant (water softener)
  3. Molasses as a bacterial food
  4. Trichoderma, a fungal eating fungi, to control fungi instead of the use of a fungicide
  5. Chiton eating fungi to control insects instead of the use of insecticides
  6. Atmospheric nitrogen fixing bacteria instead of the use of nitrogen fertilizers
  7. Mycorrhizal fungi, fungus roots, instead of root stimulants
  8. Seaweed, a plant growth regulator, instead of chemical fertilizers/regulators
Reed more about our Organic Treatment Plan Here.

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