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Organic Landscape Care Plan

Organic Lawn Care (photo taken in December)

 Non-Organic Lawn Care (Neighboring House: photo taken in December)

The purpose of this treatment plan is to improve the overall look of the landscape from your grass to your trees without any negative impacts on the environment through the use of organic material and the occasional environmentally friendly material. This treatment plan is safe for the environment but it is also safe for people, pets and plants.

Basic Treatment Plan (for landscapes up to 8500 sqft)


  • $365 for the initial start-up fee (includes detailed diagnosis, images and detailed treatment plan)
  • $75 a month with a minimum of 8 treatments per year

What our treatment will help correct:

  1. Brown spots
  2. Dead spots
  3. Lack of grass
  4. Acts as an organic alternative to fertilizer
  5. Kills weeds
  6. Acts as organic insectiside 
  7. Yellow grass
  8. Will improve overall health of all plants and trees
  9. Will increase number of bacteria, which are critical for all plants immune system

Materials that will be used for treatments:

  1. Humates, a form of coal, as a fungal food
  2. Yuccah as a surfactant (water softener)
  3. Molasses as a bacterial food
  4. Trichoderma, a fungal eating fungi, to control fungi instead of the use of a fungicide
  5. Chiton eating fungi to control insects instead of the use of insecticides
  6. Atmospheric nitrogen fixing bacteria instead of the use of nitrogen fertilizers
  7. Mycorrhizal fungi, fungus roots, instead of root stimulants
  8. Seaweed, a plant growth regulator, instead of chemical fertilizers/regulators

Back-up Treatment Materials:

  1. Merit 75 WP by Bayer or Tengard SFR One Shot for insect control
  2. Heritage TL spot treatment for fungi control
  3. Celcius WG by Bayer for spot treatment for weed control


We start the treatment plan by:

  1. Diagnosing the environment
  2. Taking environmental measurements
  3. Taking detailed photos of the area
  4. We move to correct the environment by application of Microbes and their food based on the diagnosis we have given
  5. Lawn aeration is obtained by soil conditioning with our treatments. Aeration will not be used due to it causing severe damage to the delicate root eco system and harming your trees and bushes

During the quarter:

  1. We will be doing regular check-ups
  2. Re-treatments if needed during the quarter (at no charge*)

(Back-up Plan to Organics – at no additional cost) Used when the environment is not responding to treatment

  1. Weed control in lawns are based on the level of weed coverage. We spot treat weeds. By spot treating weeds, we can limit the amount of herbicide usage to the environment while maximizing the effectiveness.
  2. Insect control will be done through a healthy environment integrated pest management system without insecticides. However, if insecticides are needed we will use the environmentally responsible insecticides.
  3. Fungi control will be obtained by Trichoderma fungi, a highly effective way to control fungi. However, if needed for extra fungi control we will spot treat the grass with an environmentally responsible fungicide.


Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborists, can be scheduled to come to your residence, business, or land and give you a Free Estimate for the prevention of construction damage or diseases.

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